We carry the risk

..you reap the reward

Converting risk into sustainable wealth


Yes, but we will need 30 days notice.

Corporate Guarantee requires R50,000 per year.

No, you can pay via debit order on a monthly, quarterly or 6-monthly basis.

No, you determine your own insurance programme. The Contingency Policy balance at expiry is either paid back to you for good risk management or renewed for 12 months.

Section 11 (a) of the Income Tax Act allows for the deduction of short term insurance premiums.

Yes, the premiums you pay will incur VAT. Payments to you from us will also incur VAT.

Yes, you are entitled to a no-claims bonus on the positive balance of your Contingency Policy. This rate is linked to money market rates and determined by us.

Corporate Guarantee accepts additional risk of 20% of the premium paid and/or 20% on the balance of your Contingency Policy.

Corporate Guarantee uses the Standard Business Policy Guidelines as the basis for its policy document. Risks not mentioned in the policy document will be considered at Corporate Guarantee’s discretion.

Yes, as in conventional insurance, any amount received (for a claim made or at cancellation) will form part of Gross Income.

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