Together we carry the risk

…and reap the rewards

Accessing my Policy

Your Contingency Policy can be accessed in various ways:

In the case of a claim:
Claims can be made against the policy up to the value of the Policy Indemnity Limit (PIL). Claims can be paid out within 24 hours.
At expiry of the policy:
The policy normally expires after a period of 12 months. The premiums that are not used in the current period, can be renewed and utilised in future. Alternatively, the positive balance can be paid out to the client in the form of an experience bonus for good risk management.
Cancellation of the policy:
The insured may cancel the Contingency Policy at any time. Corporate Guarantee requires a 30-day notice period.

Your Contingency Policy can be pledged as surety when finance is needed. A loan of up to 90% of your fund value can be granted to assist you when you need additional cashflow.

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