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Converting risk into sustainable wealth

Corporate Guarantee (South Africa) Limited specializes in unique risk management solutions with a focus on providing a formal platform for clients to insure themselves by incorporating innovative and tailormade approaches towards risk management.



I will,

  1. Treat others as I want to be treated by them, The Golden Rule
  2. Always strive to do what is best for my Group, my country and my planet
  3. Abide by the values, policies and procedures of the Group, the laws of my country and the universal human principles of all that is good and just
  4. Be honest, reliable, fair and open in everything I say, write and do and accept responsibility for the consequences
  5. Protect the Group’s assets, information and reputation
  6. Value and respect the diversity of beliefs, cultures, convictions and habits of the people of our Group and the countries in which we operate
  7. Disclose to the Group any real or perceived situations where my private interests or the interests of the members of my immediate or extended family or other persons close to me that interfere with the interests of the group
  8. Not give or receive gifts or benefits in contravention of the policies of the Group and no gift, irrespective of the value, should influence me to change my business decision to the well-being of the Group
  9. Seek new, better and more innovative ways to do my work and perform to the utmost of my beliefs
  10. Not remain silent in the face of dishonesty, malice, disrespect, intolerance or injustice.

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