We carry the risk

..you reap the reward

Converting risk into sustainable wealth

Scenario: Transport cover

Client profile

Use of Contingency Policy

  • Fleet of 100 horses at a value of R1million per horse and 200 trailers at an average value of R100,000 per trailer
  • Effective risk management procedures, which have been successfully implemented over the past 10 years- Low loss ratio.
  • Rather than paying the standard rate of between 5% – 20% first loss, the client has increased its’ first loss to 30% of which resulted in a premium saving under their conventional insurance.
  • The client will then provide for the 30% loss contribution, by contributing to a Contingency Policy.
  • Further, because of the low loss history/ experience on the fleet of trailers, and the cost of repair thereto, the full fleet of trailers are carried under the Contingency Policy.

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